What is Artisan Bread?

Read the label. Artisan bread contains natural ingredients we all know and can pronounce: Unbleached flour, natural starter, salt, water, and sometimes herbs, fruits or nuts

What are Artisan Pizzas, Focaccias, Savory Tarts, Cookies and Pastries?

They are baked products handmade on our premises using only fresh, natural ingredients like butter, eggs, lemons, milk, chocolate, sugar and cream and flavored by herbs, fruit jams or nuts.


What our Customers are Saying…

“Excellent hot bread! Something we have been missing in St. Pertersburg.  I am looking forward to stocking up on Christmas Eve !” 

“This is truly the best bread Ive had- all the loaves are handmade with fresh ingredients and it shows. Try the rosemary bread- fresh and crusty, all it needs is a little butter. I could eat this for every meal! I also tried some of their smaller dinner rolls, a chocolate croissant, and a simple baguette, never disappointed!

Artisan Bread is Healthy and Vegan-Friendly

  • Artisan Bread is far more nutritious and easily digestible than its commercial counterpart because its fermentation process makes the nutrients more easily available. The yeast cultures in the starter promote a healthy immune system and a healthy gut.
  • Since the naturally occurring yeast in the starter is a single-celled organism classified as a fungus, artisan bread is a Vegan product.
For more information, read a recent article by Pam Durkin, on page 11 of Eat Magazine.

How to Enjoy your Artisan Bread

  • Since your bread has no preservatives, it will last for 2 to 4 days if you let it breathe.  Keep it in a wooden box or in a linen, cotton or paper bag.
  • Slice your bread with a serrated knife only before enjoying and never refrigerate it. You may freeze your bread up to one month.

How to Enjoy your Artisan Pizzas, Focaccias, Savory Tarts, Cookies and Pastries

  • These artisan products are meant to be enjoyed as soon as possible, but they do not need refrigeration and will be good for up to 3 days if kept in their paper bags.

Voted Best Bread in Tampa Bay

DuPont Registry Tampa Bay magazine

Our customers simply love good food, made with quality ingredients, time and skill.


Artisan baking relies on slow, natural processes to transform simple ingredients into a time tested product that is nutritious and full of flavor. We refresh our starter daily, shape each loaf by hand, and do not add any preservatives, conditioners, sugars, oils or emulsifiers. Great bread is the product of skill and craftsmanship. We invest tremendous time and effort to offer you bread that is truly satisfying. We think it is worth it and we think you will too!