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Ancient Greeks used to bake bread

Did you know that the Ancient Greeks used to bake bread under a dome-shaped cover (pnigeus) preheated by burning charcoal under it? The coal would then be heaped round the outside of the cover and the dough put under to cover to bake. (Note by Richard Rutherford for his Penguin Classics edition of Aristophanes’ The […]

Italian Ciabatta

Good bread

“Good bread and good butter go together. They are one of the perfect marriages in gastronomy, and they never fail to cheer me.” —James Beard Feel free to replace “butter” with “extra virgin olive oil” —The Bread Artisans Bakery

Mini Loaves Natural sourdough

What is Artisan Bread?

Read the label. Artisan bread contains natural ingredients we all know and can pronounce: Unbleached flour, natural starter, salt, water, and sometimes herbs, fruits or nuts

Bread Box

How to Store our Breads?

Today several customers noticed the old-fashioned bread box that we have in our bakery as decoration. At home we have a new, stainless steel version, but any kind of bread box is still the best way to keep artisan bread, which has no artificial preservatives, fresher longer. If you don’t have one, just keep your […]

Gluten Free? Fresh Lemon Curd Almond Cookies!

A traditional Spanish cookie made without flour called Almendrado served as inspiration for our own delicate, crunchy version. Try our Almond- based or Walnut-based Cookies, containing no flour, naturally gluten-free. Some are topped with Fresh Lemon Curd, others with a dollop of Raspberry or Blueberry Jam.

Parmesan Baguette Bread

A Parmesan Baguette

A Parmesan Baguette…so tasty. We like to warm it in the oven for 10 minutes and add a slice of prosciutto or Spanish cured ham.