Our Products

Our products Will rotate according to availability.

    • Breads

      Our Breads are made with Our Own Starter and Fermented between 18 and 36 hours. They have a crunchy crust and a satisfying, chewy texture.Our Loaves weigh 11/4 Lb, our Baguettes weigh 10oz and our Mini-Loaves weigh 8oz.

    • Italian Ciabatta

      Italian Ciabatta

      Delicate, yet sturdy,A basic loaf that goes with anything.

    • Natural Sourdough

      Natural Sourdough

      Round-shaped and slightly acidic due to its 36 hour fermentation.

      (Also available as a Mini-Loaf)

    • Natural Sourdough Mini

      Natural Sourdough Mini

      Round-shaped and slightly acidic due to its 36 hour fermentation.

    • Italian Baguette

      Italian Baguette

      A classic, chewy and satisfying. It goes with everything and everyone likes it.

    • TBA Sourdough Bread

      TBA Sourdough Bread

      Our Signature Bread, made with 50% whole wheat, and fernented for 36 hours

      (Also available as a Baguette and a Mini-Loaf)

    • Rosemary Bread

      Rosemary Bread

      Strongly aromatic, perfect with roast chicken.

      (Also available as a Mini-Loaf)

    • Olive Bread

      Olive Bread

      Dotted with black Kalamata olives. Perfect with soft cheeses.

      (Also available as a Baguette and a Mini-Loaf)

    • Sundried Tomato Bread

      Sundried Tomato Bread

      Studded with sundried tomatoes. Perfect with beef or lamb dishes.

      (Also available as a Baguette and a Mini-Loaf)

    • Parmesan Bread

      Parmesan Bread

      Perfumed with parmesan, perfect with pasta dishes.

      (Also available as a Baguette)

    • Roasted Garlic Bread

      Roasted Garlic Bread

      Garnished with Italian parsley leaves and perfumed with fresh roasted garlic cloves.

      (Also available as a Mini-Loaf)

    • Fig & Walnut Bread

      Fig & Walnut Bread

      This combination imparts a a delicious sweet flavor to the bread.

      (Also available as a Mini-Loaf)

    • Traditional Cookies

      Our Cookies are made from scratch according to time tested formulas using the best ingredients and without any artificial additives or preservatives

    • Chocolate Chip Cookies

      Chocolate Chip Cookies

      An American honest to goodness classic.

    • No-Flour Cookies

      Naturally gluten-free, very delicate and crunchy.

    • Fresh Lemon Curd

      Fresh Lemon Curd

      Naturally gluten-free, made only with almonds, sugar, egg and lemon zest. Deliciously delicate and crunchy.

    • Raspberry Almond

      Raspberry Almond

      Like all the Almond cookies, naturally gluten-free, topped with raspberry jam.

    • Blueberry Almond

      Blueberry Almond

      Like all the Almond-based cookies, naturally gluten-free, topped with blueberry jam

    • Rapsberry Walnut

      Rapsberry Walnut

      Naturally gluten-free, made only with walnuts, sugar, fresh eggs and topped with a dollop of rapsberry jam.

    • Blueberry Walnut

      Blueberry Walnut

      Naturally gluten-free, topped with a dollop of blueberry jam.

    • Fresh Lemon Walnut Curd

      Fresh Lemon Walnut Curd

      Naturally gluten-free, deliciously crunchy and flavoured with fresh lemon curd.

    • Cakes


    • Rum Cake

      Rum Cake

      Our Artisan Rum Cake, made according to the Italian tradition, is sooo delicious!

    • Chocolate Lemon Cake

      Chocolate Lemon Cake

      The zesty fresh lemon taste adds a delicious twist to this traditional italian cake.

    • Pizzas & Focaccias

      The naturally leavened dough we use to make our pizzas and focaccias gives them great flavor and texture. They are sold by the slice or you may call the bakery to order your whole pie.

    • Roman


      Made with our own starter and topped with fresh Roman tomatoes and Mozarella cheese

    • Sicilian


      Made with our own starter and topped with fresh Roman tomatoes, Sweet Roasted Peppers and Mozarella cheese

    • Spinach


      Made with our own starter and topped with spinach leaves and Mozarella cheese

    • Bianca


      Our White Pizza. Made with our own starter and topped only with Mozarella and Parmesan cheese

    • Rosemary Focaccia

      Rosemary Focaccia

      Made with our own starter and topped with Rosemary and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    • Savory Tarts

      Our Savory Tarts are full of flavor because they are made with fresh ingredients like real butter, and fresh eggs, and topped with fresh vegetables and whole-milk cheeses.

    • Mushroom Pepper Jack

      Mushroom Pepper Jack

      A short crust pastry base topped with a bechamel sauce filling, fresh mushrooms and Pepper Jack cheese

    • Tomato Spinach Parmesan

      Tomato Spinach Parmesan

      A short crust pastry base topped with a bechamel sauce filling, fresh tomatoes, spinach and Parmesan cheese

    • Spinach Bars

      Spinach Bars

      A short crust pastry topped with spinach leaves, Pepper Jack cheese and cream.

    • Roasted Pepper Cheese

      Roasted Pepper Cheese

      A deep dish tart with a short crust pastry base filled with a bechamel sauce, roasted peppers and Pepper Jack cheese mix

    • Ham Cheese Quiche

      Ham Cheese Quiche

      A short crust pastry base filled with a bechamel sauce, cream, deli ham and Swiss cheese

    • Pastries

      Our Pastries are made with the finest ingredients like wheat flour real butter fresh eggs and almond paste

    • Croissants


      The classic Italian breakfast pastry, called "cornetto" in italiano.

    • Almond Croissants

      Almond Croissants

      With an almond paste filling and topped with slivered toasted almonds

    • Chocolate Croissants

      Chocolate Croissants

      All the goodness of a croissant with a chocolate filling.

    • Lemon Bars

      Lemon Bars

      Lemon Bars

    • Fresh Lemon Danish

      Fresh Lemon Danish

      A classic butter danish topped with lemony goodness

    • Morning Buns

      Morning Buns

      Flavored with cinnamon, they are irresistible!

    • Almond Brioche

      Almond Brioche

      Muffin-shaped, filled with almond paste, it is dense and full of flavor

    • Chocolate Brioche

      Chocolate Brioche

      Filled and topped with dark chocolate. Perfect for a single serving.

    • Fresh Lemon Curd Scones

      Fresh Lemon Curd Scones

      Made with real cream and fresh lemon curd.

      A favorite among our British customers.

    • Ham & Cheese Croissants

      Ham & Cheese Croissants

      Perfect for lunch. A croissant filled with cooked ham and swiss cheese.

    • Spinach Cheese Croissants

      Spinach Cheese Croissants

      Filled with spinach leaves and Parmesan cheese.

    • Country Spinach Danish

      Country Spinach Danish

      Filled with spicy Pepper Jack and spinach leaves

    • Parmesan Cheese Danish

      Parmesan Cheese Danish

      Filled with savory Parmesan Cheese for that umami flavor sensation.

    • Pepper Jack Cheese Danish

      Pepper Jack Cheese Danish

      Slightly spicy because of the Pepper Jack cheese

    • Genoa Salami Parmesan Danish

      Genoa Salami Parmesan Danish

      This combination makes this savory danish so satisfiying.

    • Parmesan Cheese Twists

      Parmesan Cheese Twists

      Twisted around for a full-mouthed taste.

    • Garlic Cheese Pretzels

      Garlic Cheese Pretzels

      Shaped like a pretzel, it's a very garlicky pastry!